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Individually, Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi are legends in the world of hair color and hair styling, respectively. Together however, they are an unrivaled duo whose shared expertise defines hair trends season after season. In their twenty years as partners they have become the go-to hair salon for New York City’s elite, established a network of salons across the country and created the first collection of hair products produced by a colorist and a stylist.


Joel is a master colorist who believes that “exceptional color should create movement, add texture and shine.” Through his vast knowledge of coloring techniques (many of which he has invented) and his masterful eye for contrast, shadow and depth, Joel customizes every client’s color.


Edward is a master stylist who is legendary for his signature dry-hair precision cutting technique. Due to this rapid-fire way of cutting many have compared the way he works to the way an artist uses a pencil. Known for his ability to describe and reproduce hundreds of years of hair fashion, he is perhaps the greatest hair historian of modern times, a skill which he has put to use in his work with countless designers and models.